Episode 8 – Appeals

The final webinar in the Municipal Court Tips series, covering the appellate process, wraps up the basics of municipal court processes. Enjoy!

Court Rules Link: https://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/rules/

Weekly Tip #1 – Warrants

For this week, I thought to answer a question I received from a viewer and share my answer with you all in the hope that it may help others.

After seeing my webinar, a viewer asked me about an old warrant. For example, how should you handle a warrant from a 25 year old stop?

I told her that a warrant is a warrant; they’re always trouble. However, I said that an older warrant may be handled expeditiously as courts are generally eager to clear their books. Therefore, when you learned of such a warrant, write a letter to the presiding judge asking that the matter be listed for disposition. Also ask the court to waive the posting of bail. With such an application, you should include an explanation for your failure to appear.

Good luck.

Episode 4 – Bench Warrants

This weeks installment of my weekly webinars on dealing with municipal court matters is now live!

This weeks topic of discussion will be the municipal bench warrant, a common and often problematic situation for those affected.

Episode 3 – Traffic Stops

Happy 4th of July everyone!

My weekly webinar’s third installment is now live!

Independence day brings with it celebrations, fireworks and more! Along with the festivities and celebrations, many enjoy a few responsible drinks with which come the vigilant watch of municipal police. With that in mind, this weeks episode will cover routine traffic stops and how to potentially avoid escalating the situation. Also, some tips on addressing the officer and avoiding a confrontation.

Remember, drink responsibly, drive safe and have an amazing 4th of July Weekend!

Episode 1 – An Introduction

As this is my first post in a series of posts and webinars on how one should conduct themselves when interacting with the municipal court system, I thought an introduction would be appropriate. Here is Episode One of my weekly tips webinar. Enjoy!